—If You Were A Cactus, I’d Hug You!—

True Story!!! I’d give you a hug. šŸ™‚

We all have sharp edges, and like cacti, Ā we are all made different and unique.Ā But when you sit back and really look at ALL theĀ beautifulness of a cactus, and the blooms they create, it is seriously breathtaking what mother nature has created. The same can be said about us as mommies.

Which is why I felt like we needed a community of moms…NO a TRIBE of MOMS, to help us feel connected while we try to be the best mom we can be. I’m not a blogger, and to be honest this is my first real blog I have ever created, other than trying to blog for my photography biz, but let’s face it, I’m slacking even with that. lol

I’m sure your thinking, ~this is just another mom trying to start another mommy group/community…Ah No Thanks~ but in all honesty, Yes I am a mom & yes this is a New Community blog page, but I’ve also been in other mom groups/communities & I always felt like they were missing something. Something REAL, Something Authentic, Something True. Have I felt supported in those groups, sure, but only for a brief moment. Some of the groups/communities have sooo many rules and regulations & when to do this &Ā that,Ā that it was truly hard to be real and truly put yourself out there. Or my favorite is to break a rule, get kicked out, and leave you feeling like you are back in high school again trying to get the cool kids to notice you and be your friend.

|Something Real, Something Authentic, Something True|

Well that has never been the type of person I am. Mean girls or whom I’d like to call in the modern age, “The UnIncluders” are everywhere!! I always thought that as we got older the social stigma of the popular girls would be something in the past, but since I entered the mommy world, boy was I wrong. It sucks not to be included, but what sucks even more is being in a group that would allow something like that to happen when the goal of said group is to be “Includers”. I’m all for being on the opposite end of that realization. But that’s a whole other topic, that I simply don’t want to draw out from this post.

So what’s the goal for this community of moms coming together to find the tribe they are so desperately looking for? Exactly that! A True Tribe of Moms, that takes all the lost cacti and brings them together. Offering love & support, while giving these moms a chance to really put themselves out there with no judgement or fear that they are doing something wrong. Because really a “Lost Cactus is simply an urban myth”. ~ John Hopkins

A myth because a lost cactus is still there, it just needs someone to help find them, hence us mommies need that same seek & find to truly fit in. To really have that #MOMTRIBE we were meant to have.

|Lost Cactus is simply an urban myth. ~John Hopkins|

So I leave you with this, forĀ our very first blog post…

The proposal …”I’m ready to stop being Cact-I, AND Ready to start being Cact-US”


85991074b0103fcd4f93b3d529d53e55Our {MOM TRIBE} of AZ!!!

Be on the Lookout for our Facebook Community coming soon & an updated Logo! šŸ™‚

Blog Post Written By: Erika F. Administrator/Writer of {Mom Tribe of AZ} Owner/Photographer @ EMF Photography LLC & SAHM to the two most beautiful souls.šŸ˜


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