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New Baby On The Way…Enter Sour Patch Doll!

How many of you mommas have dealt with the challenges of welcoming a new baby AND the joys that come along with your first born? {enter sarcasm} Anyone?

 The difficult behaviors like sleep disturbances, the “No, I’m the Baby” regressions, the potty accidents, the whining, the clinginess, the aggressions, or straight up moodiness that seem to come out of no where as time gets closer and closer to your due date.

Talk about S.T.R.E.S.S or here’s another word Guilt!!!

Yes, the mommy guilt is real ladies. Only now you have to work out that guilt by giving said moody toddler all the attention you possibly can, given your limited mobility! And let’s not forget to mention the days that you just want to lounge around and be lazy like you did when you were first pregnant. Then reality kicks you in the butt and reminds you that you can’t just lounge, because your toddler needs you to interact with him/her.

Then it starts to happen…your sweet precious child turning into a sour patch doll. How does one deal?

I was always told to try and make your first born feel special. Talk about the new baby as much as possible, get him/her to interact with your belly and talk to the baby. Have your little one be a part of all your doctor visits. Read all the books about what it’s going to be like becoming a big sister or brother. Give her what she wants. Make her happy, blah, blah, blah. But what if you do all that and nothing seems to work or it works for a little while, then bam something new happens.

Talking to BabyPhoto credit: My dear husband:)

How do you mentally cope, all while trying not to lose your patience and sanity? And YES you do lose your patience because you simply do not know what else to do. Then the guilt creeps up again, ONLY this time it’s because you lost your patience and either yelled, or ignored your little one. Mommas the “STRUGGLE” is real!!!

So how did you cope/handled this transition with your little one?

Let us know and maybe just maybe something that helped you can help other mommas.

I’ll just be over here trying not to cry and stuffing my face in CHOCOLATE everything, because you know what… chocolate fixes everything!!!


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